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PactSafe pumping more jobs into Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS — Thanks to $1.2 million in new investment, legal contract technology company PactSafe is expanding its operations in Indianapolis. The company is using the funding to launch new software and add 20 jobs in the next year.

PactSafe’s new software, Vault, is designed for developers and will allow them to easily embed contracts anywhere so that in-house legal teams can control the versioning and publishing of content. Vault includes robust web services to manage agreement versions, publish agreements, and track customers; it also includes libraries designed to easily embed PactSafe agreements into websites, mobile apps, and any connected product like wearable devices. PactSafe’s suite of products now gives in-house legal teams full control with analytics tools designed to provide insight into all of the digital contracts being executed across their organization.

“Companies, large and small, need a way to protect themselves by having one single place to easily control the drafting, publishing, and execution of their digital legal agreements, such as their terms of service,” said Brian Powers, CEO and Founder of PactSafe. “Because in-house legal teams have lost control of these agreements to teams like IT, marketing, or sales, managing and tracking down agreements online is difficult and time consuming.

“The result of poor record keeping and insight has cost companies millions of dollars in lawsuit settlements and legal fees,” he continued. “At PactSafe, we are laser-focused on continuing to build the platform to ensure our customers can streamline and automate contract execution in a secure, reliable, and protected environment. We’re incredibly thankful for the partnership of our customers, our mentors at Acceleprise, and our investors to help us accomplish this goal,” commented Powers.

Source: PactSafe Press Release

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